Anissa: I feel comfortable that Rabyiah returns to school

Anissa: I feel comfortable that Rabyiah returns to school

Her 11-year-old daughter used to work in filling up cars’ tires until she became one of the beneficiaries of the Cash Transfers project implemented by Generations without Qat Org (GWQ).

Anissa: I feel comfortable that Rabyiah returns to school

The smile drawn on the face of Anissa Seif, 45, while she was observing her 11-year-old daughter Rabiyah preparing her school bag and ready to go to school with her classmates is indescribable. Rabiyah finally join a school after she had been forced by circumstances to drop out her school and work in the booth of her father- May Allah bless his soul- to pump up the tires of the vehicles that passed by the booth, which is next to their home.

Anissa is one of the beneficiaries of the Unconditional Cash Transfer project implemented by Generations without Qat for Development and Awareness and funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF).

Anissa says, “I used to worry so much every time my little daughter waiting outside to fill cars’ tires. Whenever I heard a car pulled over, I rushed to the window and watched my daughter while mfy hands were on my heart. You may not understand my feeling when I used to watch my sweetheart daughter working in a job that meant for older people and violates the traditions of our society which disapproves a woman working in a cars repair booth.”

Anissa adds, “In addition, the fact that Rabiyah left the school and devoted to work in pump up car tires used to increase my concerns and break my heart. We would not accept this job if we didn't need money. Rabiyah’s father, may God have mercy on his soul, had a booth for pumping up vehicles’ tires, and after he died, some tools and supplies remained in the booth. Due to the war, our living condition became difficult and we could not even afford our food. So, Rabiyah had to take her father’s place so as we secure our food expenses.”

Anissa emphasized that the assistance she receives from the project is what brought her daughter back to school. The assistance secures their livelihoods with no need for Rabiyah to work in the booth and removes her mother’s anxiety every moment she used to worry about her daughter. However, Anissa has concerns that this assistance would not last for the next year and her daughter would have to drop out of school and return to work.

Anissa concludes by saying, “All gratitude goes to Allah first and then to GwQ for their  generous gesture which comforts our souls, restores the future of my child and provides us with food.



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