Mohammed Atri turned his back to war and founded his own business

Mohammed Atri turned his back to war and founded his own business

Despite his old age, he did not give himself up to indolence and dependency; rather continued his struggle until he achieved his goal after receiving assistance from the Cash Transfer project implemented by Generation without Qat (GWQ).

Mohammed Atri turned his back to war and founded his own business

The sixtieth man Mohammed Atri did not hesitate to work hard to find a job to fill the hunger of his family consisting of 11 members. He did not even dare to tell himself that his hair has turned grey and as such sit helpless at home waiting for charities.

Mr. Atri did not give in to the war that forced him to leave his home and flee to the city of Al-Mukha in Taiz governorate. Instead, he used to work hard to get a job without waiting for assistances.

Mr. Atri initiated trading in the sale of coal in the city of Al-Mukha, after being provided with the capital from the Unconditional Cash Transfer project, implemented by the Generations without Qat Organization for Development and Awareness and funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF), which enabled him to buy a number of large Plastic coal bags as a start and make a profit.

Atri says, “everyone always has to look for work, and never stop thinking about starting a simple business that will bring him good livelihood, and make a profit. That's what I did. I thought of selling coal rather than siting empty-handed and waiting for an assistance and doing nothing.”

Mohammed Atri attributes his choice of coal for his business to his observation of the need and demand for coal by the people of the region where he was displaced. Thus, his idea came according to the needs and requirements of the environment in which he lives.

Atri speaks, “I believed that the sale of coal would make me a lot of profit because the residents of this region are always in need and demand of coal. This idea was occupied my mind since I was displaced to here, but I could not secure enough money to establish even a small capital and start my business until I was granted by GWQ. Then, I told myself that it was the right moment to make the first move. So, I convey all my thanks and appreciation to them and may God please everyone who contributed to deliver this money to us.” Atri talks in his own dialect.

Mr. Atri concludes by saying, “Here I am now. Thank God, I sell coal and gain profit, and provide the necessary needs for the family of the profit I get daily. I can also  save some profit some days. I aspire to develop this business.”

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