Fatima, “Your assistance saved me and my children.”

Fatima, “Your assistance saved me and my children.”

After being displaced from her home and suffered damage by the fighting, she became one of the beneficiaries of the Unconditional Cash Transfer project implemented by Generations without Qat.

Fatima, “Your assistance saved me and my children.”

Fatima Naji Mohammed, mother of five children, has been trying to provide daily sustenance and shelter for her and her children, after the war forced her to leave her home in Al-Hameli area to Al-Zahari area in Al-Mukha district in Taiz governorate.

Fatima is one of the displaced women targeted by the Unconditional Cash Transfer project implemented by Generations without Qat for Development and Awareness and funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF) who decided to build a shelter for herself and her children after the war had displaced them from their home.

"I didn't believe at the beginning that I would get this assistance, and when I received it, I immediately got an idea of  building a room for me and my children because that was our need, unlike water and food," Fatima says.

Fatima continues by saying, “I cannot really describe my feeling when I saw the wall of the room is being built up day after day. I could not hold my tears when I saw the roof completed. There is nothing compared to such a feeling and sensation. Only those who lost their houses and became homeless can feel it.”

The room built by Fatima does not exceed 6 meters in length and 3 meters in width, but it was as if she built a palace, by Fatima’s words. She can now settle down with her children after she has been hosted at the house of a relative.

Fatima, in turn, thanks GWQ for including her in this project which helped her build a room she dreamed of since the very beginning of her displacement from her house which was damaged by the fighting. She sheds tears as an expression of her thanks and appreciation while praying to God to bless all GWQ staff, avoid them displacement and protect their lives.

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