Opening an exhibition for marketing women’s products in Taiz

Opening an exhibition for marketing women’s products in Taiz





Sponsored by the Governor of Taiz Governorate, Mr. Nabil Shamsan, and under the slogan (Economic Empowerment for Women), the Deputy Governor, Sheikh Aref Jamil, inaugurated this morning, together with the Director-General of the Cairo Directorate, Mr. Samir Yahya Abdul-Ilah, the marketing exhibition for self-employment products for women in Taiz city, which is organized by the Generations Without Qat Organization for Awareness and Development In coordination with the Businesswomen’s Department, within the “Project to Strengthen Community Participation and Build the Capacity of Civil Society Organizations, Women’s Groups, Youth and Women’s Initiatives, and Activate Their Roles in Society.”


During the opening, the agent pointed out the importance of organizing such exhibitions to open the opportunity for women's participation in the labor market and to take care of their small projects. He stressed the importance of increasing society's interest in women's conditions and giving them the privacy they deserve, stressing the local authority's keenness to support women's initiatives that contribute to marketing their products and businesses to the local market.


"The exhibition aims to promote women's self-employment products to encourage them and market their products in the local market," said the project manager, Mr. Hamid Khaled.


"The exhibition aims to empower women economically and to be able to market their products and encourage them to work, be creative and enter the fray of public life," said Arwa Al-Omari, Director of the Business Women's Department.


The exhibition, which was held at the Highland amusement hall in the governorate, and targeted 50 female entrepreneurs, included angles for products prepared by women from all districts of the governorate, such as clothes, food, popular sweets, cosmetics, and others.


The opening was attended by the Director-General of the Civil Service Office, Mr. Fadl Al-Shaibani, Mr. Ali Rawah, the Director-General of Financial Resources in the governorate, Mr. Abdul-Malik Amin, Secretary-General of the Al-Qaherah Directorate, Mr. Muhammad Al-Sharabi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Director of Al-Tadamon Bank for Micro and Yellow Finance, Mr. Mounir Modhesh, and Mrs. Sabah Al-Sharabi, Director of the National Committee Branch For women and several businesswomen and activists.

The exhibition, which targeted 50 female entrepreneurs, included angles for products prepared by women from all governorates, such as clothing, food, popular sweets, cosmetics, and others.

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