Number Of Alsoif Water's Project Customers Of Have Reduced By 95% After GWQ Intervention

Number Of  Alsoif Water's Project Customers Of Have  Reduced  By 95% After  GWQ Intervention


 Bani Salah  is a sub district,  in Maqbana district,  Taiz governorate  that consists of 14 villages according to the central statistical organization, with a total population of approximately 24,000 people .This sub district  was targeted by the  activity of preparation and rehabilitation of  Al Solaif well  that implemented by  Generations without Qat  Organization that  funded by YHF within the project of "Restoring/maintaining sustainable and emergency WASH services to support the most affected people in high priority districts in Maqbanah (parameter 1) and At Ta'iziyah (parameter 2) in Taiz Governorate." .

 Six rural areas in the sub district of Bani Slah (Al-Solaif, Al Qatin, Om al-Ahij, Al-Shruj, Al Macahi, Al Ayyar) were benefited from the project, where these rural areas with mountains and highly rugged environmental terrain to safely access services especially clean water. They are   a home to approximately 6,000 people, and about 90% of them live   below the poverty line and in very difficult living conditions in light of the lack of services and armed conflict that has existed in Yemen since March 2015.

Before GWQ intervened in the rehabilitation of AlSolaif Well, water had been pumped to some houses in the targeted rural areas for just some hours for three days a month with high-cost diesel operations such as, (operational expenses, Motor maintenance, and ...etc.) in addition to that the availability of water for homes in the targeted villages was depended on the availability of diesel  , which is so difficult to obtain most of time. Approximately 3,500 liters of diesel had been consumed per month. The highest burden on the water project participants was the subscription cost ,as 5,000 YR  had been paid per month  and  the lower the water bill, the higher the cost of pumping water.

Furthermore there were 276 actual participants from the host community, marginalized and  about 434 IDPs HHs  who displaced due to the  armed conflict in Jabal Habshi district   .


Hatem, the project manager, who is one of the people in the area, said: "As a result of the inability of most families to pay for the water bill, most women and children from the vulnerable households in the above-mentioned rural areas used to carry water from the well (Al Solaif well) to  their homes by donkeys for long unsafe distances of more than 10 KM and one of the women had a traffic accident when she was in her way home  during returning from bringing water  and many girls had a lot of innumerable risks, in addition many girls in the targeted rural areas left school  in order to bring water to their families." 


     The project, which was implemented by GWQ, aimed at increasing access of the targeted HHs of IDPs and the vulnerable host communities clean and safe water and suitable and appropriate sanitation facilities and to enhance hygiene practices of the targeted of HHs of IDP and host community in two high priority districts (61933 BNFs in Maqbanah and 2100 BNFs in At Ta'iziyah) in Taiz governorate.  This project  has had the effect of rehabilitating Al Soliaf well and providing it with an integrated solar power system contained of  (105 solar panels with iron holders, the power converter with a 56,000-watt, a box, and a protective fence), in which the results  of that were operating  the  water lift pump on a daily basis during the day for beneficiary rural areas, reduced reliance on the diesel pump (which operates only at night at some times) and reduced diesel consumption to 120 liters per month. This was directly reflected in facilitating safe access to clean water for  the  beneficiaries from the project and the monthly subscription  bill became 3000 YR  as a maximum and the number of participants increased from 276 to 400 participants and another rural area was connected to this pump  , in addition to providing water to nomadic areas that began to settle instead of moving from area to area in search of water and pasture.

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