We are satisfied with the installation of the emergency latrine, solar Energy , and the provided sanitation kits by GWQ

We are satisfied with the installation of the emergency latrine, solar Energy    , and the provided sanitation kits by GWQ

      Sadq is  the head of a displaced family with 11 individuals most of them are females. He is  45 years old, displaced from Dhamar governorate after he had lost his work before 5 years to Al Saken IDPs hosting site, in Mawia subdistrict, Al Ta'iziyah district, Taiz governorate to live with his family in  an old building there. Sadq said, "when we arrived to this area, Al a'aqel  of this area gave us this old building which lacked for  the most basic services, especially  water and sanitation, but we had no choice or place to go for . We suffered a lot in living  here and I tried to earn a living for my family to live with dignity "

     Generations without Qat conducted the project of "Restoring/maintaining sustainable and emergency WASH services to support the most affected people in high priority districts in Maqbanah (parameter 1) and At Ta'iziyah (parameter 2) in Taiz Governorate,",  that founded by YHF and aimed at increasing access of the targeted HHs of IDPs and the vulnerable host communities clean and safe water and suitable and appropriate sanitation facilities and to enhance hygiene practices of the targeted of HHs of IDP and host community in two high priority districts (61933 BNFs in Maqbanah and 2100 BNFs in At Ta'iziyah) in Taiz governorate.

Sadq was one of  the 100 targeted beneficiaries in the project In Al Ta'iziyah district by installing an emergency latrine, supplied  with solar energy, and  sanitation kits.



      Sadq sadly  said, " Before GWQ installed the emergency latrine, my family were suffering alot .It is very painful when you want  to go to the bathroom but you don't have one. We used to do that in a hole in the house or using plastic bags during the day  and wait until the night to throw it away of our home" .Sadeq added, " Currently we feel so satisfied  and we thank  GWQ  for  helping  us with installing  this latrine and  supplying with solar energy and   sanitation kits .Thank you GWQ ,you maintain our dignity and safe our lives from the diseases and  epidemics  that may spread  if  we wouldn’t  get this latrines."

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