Access to education in high priority areas in Al-Mukha district ,Taizz Governorate.

Access to education in high priority areas in Al-Mukha district ,Taizz Governorate.
 In light of the deterioration of the educational and economic situation in Yemen due to the
continuation of the war that has been going on in the country for more than six years, and in
light of statistics indicating that the war pushed more than 400,000 students to leave
schools, damaged 2,507 schools, and increased fears that the dropout students would never
be able to return to school.

Salah Ad-Din School is one of the affected schools in Al-Mukha district in the west of Taiz
governorate, which is classified as a high priority for intervention according to the standard
allocation 2020 of the Humanitarian Support Fund, which indicates that 520,000 people live
in urgent need and are at risk.

Mr. Ahmed Awad mentions that the number of students enrolled in the school is 145, while
the number of male and female students who have dropped out is 166. The school lacks the
basic materials of education, where chairs, blackboards, walls, windows, doors, and toilets
have been damaged. On the other hand, as a result of the deteriorating economic situation,
parents are unable to provide basic educational materials and supplies for their children,
which threatens to stop the educational process and increase the rate of students who drop
out school and thus increase the number of students enrolling in armed groups and child
labor and expose them to greater risks.

He added: There are only five classrooms and only an administration room in the school,
describing education in the area as deteriorating significantly due to the war and difficult
living conditions.

Perhaps the suffering of the ten years old student, Nahed Ahmed, is enough to embody the
extent of the suffering.
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