Access to education in high priority areas in Al-Mukha district ,Taizz Governorate.

Access to education in high priority areas in Al-Mukha district ,Taizz Governorate.
In Al-Mukha city in Taiz
Governorate, specifically in
Hamoud Al-Dukhin the
Martyr School, teachers
and students continue to
attend their classes despite
the continuing war in
Yemen and the threat
posed by the Corona virus
to public health, where
students expect their
teachers to provide them
with valuable information in easy-to-understand ways, transfer life skills, and enhance their
love for learning despite the difficult humanitarian and living conditions that Yemen has been
experiencing since 2015 that are exacerbating dramatically day by day, and has had negative
consequences on education sector in all fields, such as moral effects on male and female
teachers, which made them lose the basic elements that ensure their continuation in the
educational process, especially in areas that have suffered from military confrontations.
In order to contribute to enhancing the educational process and building the capacity of
teachers to resume the educational activity in a better way, intervention was made by targeting
24 schools in Al-Mukha district with a number of activities that aim at facilitating access to
education. These activities included training of 200 male and female teachers on active
learning methods and distributing 200 education bags for these targeted teachers, as well as
distributing 9000 school bags and other supplies for male and female students.

Mr. Ibrahim Qassem Al-Maqtari, one of the teachers who have been working at Hamoud Al-
Dukhin the Martyr School for 22 years, talks about the conditions of male and female teachers,

saying: “The difficult conditions that teachers are going through have greatly affected the
educational process in general and demoralized them. During the previous period, I was
thinking to stop teaching and move to another place to look for work or learn another
profession, because I had been through time when I could not provide the cost of lessons
preparation notebook.”
Through this intervention, capacity building of teachers contributed to providing them with new
knowledge and skills about active learning methods and education curricula in emergency
situations, in addition to distributing education bags containing lessons preparation notebooks,
student attendance notebooks and other teaching needs for teachers. This intervention
contributed to motivating male and female teachers and enhancing their morale to continue
the educational process and provide students with the necessary information, knowledge and

Explaining the importance of the intervention, Al-Maqtari says:
"The active learning course was very useful, and its impact was positively reflected on the
teachers' performance and in restoring their morale. In addition, the provision of educational
bags for teachers encouraged them to apply the active learning method to a large extent
because it includes valuable scientific material related to education in emergency situations
and active learning lessons preparation notebooks, student attendance notebooks, and other
teaching needs.
Mr. Ibrahim Al-Maqtari continues to explain the importance of school bags distributed to
students, saying:
"The distribution of school bags with their various contents to students helped reduce the
financial burden on parents resulting from the costs of purchasing bags and school supplies.
On the other hand, the distribution of school bags stimulated students to continue their
education and encouraged others to enroll and attend school." 
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