Before I received the shelter/NFIs kites, my family's situation was difficult

Before I received the shelter/NFIs kites, my family's situation was difficult
Ahmed Salman is 50 years old. He is a household of a displaced family who has been living with his family in Al
Shathli IDPs hosting site in Al Mukha district since 2018. He was displaced with his family from Al-Tohita district in
Al Hodaida governorate as a result of the war that broke out there in his area.

Al-Shathli site is one of the IDPs hosting sites that have been managed and coordinated by Generations without
Qat org. since 2019. it consists of 157 IDPs families.These displaced families received benefits from these

Ahmed spoke about his situation before the displacement and the reasons of his displacement and said, "I used
to live in my own house in the area of Al-Hilah in the safety of Allah work as a fisherman in the sea to support my
family with basic daily needs and my children go to school but the war came and damaged my house and the school
where my children were studying. So, day by day the life became difficult until it stopped completely in my area,
prevented us from working in the sea and the school was closed." Ahmed decided to displace a fear of war and
survive his family like many people in his area. Ahmed said, "When I arrived to the site, I couldn't find shelter to
protect my family, so I made a shelter from collecting woods, and the remains of bags. Fortunately, When Generations
Without Qat org. came, it helped us a lot to get a shelter, NFIs, food, water, bathrooms, and solar systems."

Ahmed is one of the targeted beneficiaries in the emergency shelter and non-food items in the project of " SMC
and Shelter Upgrade for IDPs in Hosting Sites in Al Mukha District -priority 1 Governorate of Taiz."

Ahmed said: "Before I had received the shelter and the mattresses, my family's situation was difficult as our pervious
shelter was torn and exposed to wind, dust and sun heat, and we have no mattresses or kitchen utensils (NFI basic and
Bedding Kits)."

After the family was targeted by GWQ with shelter and non-food items (basic and Bedding) kits. Ahmed said, "Thank
you for Allah and GWQ after I have received the emergency shelter kit and INF basic and Bedding kits, my family's
situation is improved a lot and I feel comfortable watching my children sleep in the tent without fear of cold, insect
bites at night or from the wind loaded with dust or the heat of the sun in the light day and we thank all for the provided

The project implemented by GWQ org. under two sectors of (shelter and NFIs sector and CCCM sector) that
aimed at improving the living conditions of (680) HHs of the most vulnerable IDPs, returnees, and host communities
in Al-Mukha district: 330 HHs of IDPs living in 5 critical hosting sites (AlHali, AlRowais, Al Qatabia, Alniaba,
AlShatheli) and 350 HHs of vulnerable IDPs, returnees, and host community living in Al-Mughaini, Al-Orouk, Al-
Qahirah, Yakhtal, and Al-Hali, and Al-Madinah areas. In this, the project is a reflection of the 2020 HRP strategic
objectives which aimed at promoting the dignity of IDPs living in emergency and IDP settlements by upgrading sub-
standard sites and providing services and shelter
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