I knew nothing about CCM or expressing my needs inside the site until I became one of the community committee members

I knew nothing about CCM or expressing my needs inside the site until I became one of the community committee members
Al-Qathbia site is in Al-Zahari subdistrict, Al-Makha district, Taiz governorate, it consists of 140 displaced families,
the site has been managed by Generations Without Qat since 2019, where many families have been displaced,
including Saed Baqash , 45 years old, who is one of the displaced families with special needs , has been displaced
with his mother from Al Sadad area, which is located in Al Zahari subdistrict, but couldn't return to his area because
the mines that still planted there. His disability didn’t enable him to get married if they wished to be members of the
community committee of Al Qatabia IDPs site. He has received many trainings in the field of humanitarian work,
management, and coordination of camps by Generations without Qat org. and participates in the monthly meetings
of the community committee to discuss the situation of the displaced people and their needs. Saed said, "I didn't
know anything about CCM and I couldn't talk and express my needs, but now I can," Said who commanded the
respect of the community committee and IDPs community during the monthly meetings who hold him on their
shoulders from his motorcycle to the meeting room. He is targeted by the project of " SMC and Shelter Upgrade for
IDPs in Hosting Sites in Al Mukha District -priority 1 Governorate of Taiz." which was implemented by Generations
Without Qat under two sectors of by (shelter and NFIs sector and CCCM sector) that aimed at improving the living
conditions of (680) HHs of the most vulnerable IDPs, returnees, and host communities in Al-Mukha district: 330 HHs
of IDPs living in 5 critical hosting sites (AlHali, AlRowais, Al Qatabia, Alniaba, AlShatheli) and 350 HHs of vulnerable
IDPs, returnees, and host community living in Al-Mughaini, Al-Orouk, Al-Qahirah, Yakhtal, and Al-Hali, and Al-
Madinah areas. In this, the project is a reflection of the 2020 HRP strategic objectives which aimed at promoting the
dignity of IDPs living in emergency and IDP settlements by upgrading sub-standard sites and providing services and

Said said, "I have received the emergency shelter and basic/bidding NFIs kits which came at the time of
need," Said is one of the special needs, who deserved to live in the dignity, improve his living conditions
and build his abilities. He was targeted in the capacity building and emergency shelter and basic/bidding
NFIs kits by the organization of Generations without Qat. Consequently, He is still discussing the needs of
displaced people in various fields including shelter and non-food items and there are many people like Said
who need support and capacity building.
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