Building the capacities of the local authority on Protection Issues in a training course organized by Generations Without Qat in Salh District, Taiz.

Building the capacities of the local authority on Protection Issues in a training course organized by Generations Without Qat in Salh District, Taiz.

 Thursday, August 4, 2022, Generations Without Qat Organization  concluded a special training course on Protection Issues in Salh District, Taiz, within the framework of the project to enhance women's participation in relief, recovery and peace operations.

The training course, which lasted for four days, aimed to build and strengthen the capacities of the local authority in Salh District, Taiz Governorate, and other relevant bodies on the protection of women, girls and children.

In a statement to the project coordinator, he explained that "during the training period, the focus was on information and concepts related to protection, issues, generalization of protection and the legal framework for human protection in accordance with the Sphere Principles, as well as the basic concepts of cases of gender-based violence, legal and legal frameworks, and positive social norms for the protection of women and girls." In addition to the protection authorities.

He stressed that during the training course, "the capacity of the participants and participants from the executive offices in Salh District and other actors was built on the skill of problem-solving and decision-making in issues of gender-based violence, case management for women, girls and children, linking the system to the map of service providers, and the role of the local authority in referral pathways." In addition to the importance of the protection committees and their societal roles and the exchange of experiences on protection, as well as the mechanism for activating the protection committees in the district and at the governorate level.

 The training course included open discussions about the importance and role of the National Plan for Women in accordance with UN Resolution 1325 in promoting and protecting women and children, and promoting women's participation in rebuilding societies.

It is worth noting that the project Strengthening Community Participation in Relief, Recovery and Peace Operations in Yemen is implemented by  Generations Without Qat Organization in the districts of Salh and Al-Shamaytayn in Taiz governorate during the period February-December 2022. The project targets the local authority, civil society organizations and women entrepreneurs in the two districts
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