Generations without Qat organizes a seminar entitled Women's Role and Leadership in Humanitarian Response in Taiz.

Generations without Qat organizes a seminar entitled Women's Role and Leadership in Humanitarian Response in Taiz.
Within the framework of the project to enhance women’s participation in relief, recovery, and peace operations in Yemen, Generations Without Qat Organization organized, today, Thursday, October 6, 2022, in Salh District, Taiz Governorate, a special symposium on The Role and Leadership of Women in Humanitarian Response.
During the symposium, was attended by more than 40 participants from the local authority in the governorate, Sala Directorate, civil society organizations, community activists, community committees, and some academics at Taiz University. Three axes related to the role of women in the humanitarian response were presented. Ms. Nadia Al-Hakimi, Director of the Women and Child Department, and a case management specialist in the Office of Social Affairs and Labor, presented a working paper on "the challenges facing women in the government sector from engaging in humanitarian response''.
The researcher and executive director of Masar Organization for Human Rights presented a paper on the importance of women's leadership role in the humanitarian response.
Lawyer Raghda Al-Maqtari presented a working paper on The Roles of Women and Civil Society Organizations in Strengthening Humanitarian Response Efforts.
All the working papers, In addition to the interventions of the participants and participants, affirmed that "women, during the war period, played a major role In the humanitarian response In most sectors, despite being the most affected by the war, and the results of the war reflected on them frighteningly." Everyone also stressed that "women, despite the sacrifices they make, their presence in the leadership positions of the humanitarian response is still weak, whether at the level of the local authority, civil society organizations, community committees, or organizations operating in Yemen, whether international or international.
It is worth noting that the project Promoting Women's Participation in Relief, Recovery, and Peace Operations in Yemen Is implemented by the Generations Without Qat Organization In Salh and Al-Shamaitin districts in Taiz Governorate during the period February-December 2022.
The project targets the local authority, civil society organizations, and women entrepreneurs in the two directorates.

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