Completion of Tha'bat Street Paving Project in Taiz Governorate of a 580-meter long

Completion of Tha'bat Street Paving Project in Taiz Governorate of a 580-meter long
The Governor of Taiz Governorate, Mr. Nabil Shamsan, concluded the Tha'bat Street paving project in Taiz today, on Thursday, December 14, 2023. The project, which involved the paving of a 580-meter long stretch of Tha'bat Street, was funded by the European Union in Yemen, in coordination with the Ministry of Local Administration and under the sponsorship of the Governor of Taiz Governorate and the Office of Planning and International Cooperation in Taiz Governorate. The project was implemented as part of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and in collaboration with #GWQ Organization.
The closing ceremony was attended by:
- Governor of Taiz Governorate, Mr. Nabil Shamsan
- Director of the Planning Office in the Governorate, Mr. Nabil Jamal
- Director of the Directorate, Engineer Aref Al-Yousefi
- Director of the Works Office in Salh Directorate, Engineer Abdulwahid Yousif Al-Sagheer
- Director of Public Relations in the Directorate, Ahmed Abdo Saeed
- Community representatives and beneficiaries
This project is one of the components of the Institutional and Economic Resilience Strengthening Project in Yemen (#SIERY).
European Union in Yemen

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