Saeed Qadri: Here I restore my business with passion

Saeed Qadri: Here I restore my business with passion


He tried to carry on his previous business after being funded by the Cash Transfer project implemented by Generations without Qat (GWQ).

Saeed Qadri: Here I restore my business with passion

Saeed Qadri, 50, is the man who fled Al-Joma’ah sub-district to the city of Al-Mucha as a result of the war in his village, leaving his home damaged by the war, which also destroyed his hives.

Saeed did not think to resume his business by buying beehives and producing and selling honey while he was a displaced person unless he was convinced by his wife that such an investment would make him a profit and would cover their needs during displacement.

Qadri's wife had this idea after he had become one of the beneficiaries of the Unconditional Cash Transfer project implemented by Generations without Qat for Development and Awareness and funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF). She was careful to make her husband invest the assistance he received so as to secure a permanent income for their living.

Saeed said, “I used to have beehives to produce honey in my village in Joma’ah sub-district and then the war came and destroyed everything. Recently, I started again beekeeping to produce and sell honey after my wife insisted on and convinced me. Now, thank God, I bought three beehives and here I am earning my first income for food.

Qadri's wife, in turn, said, “Investing in the production of honey requires patience at first; however, later on, its revenue is large and lasting, and this is what we need in this period. Being displaced, our needs are endless, and by making profitable business, we will be able to cover many of our needs,” She says that with her Tohamy accent.

She adds, “Honey is enough for us because even if we do not sell it, we will drink it and get benefit by being healthy.”

Qadri and his wife conclude by thanking GWQ for providing this assistance. Qadri’s wife was further praying for GWQ staff and thanked everyone helped them which will open for them new horizons as she said.

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