Ali Qaderi: “The assistance has brought me comfort by having a good sleep without pain

Ali Qaderi: “The assistance has brought me comfort by having a good sleep without pain

He had suffered a lot of back pain from sleeping on the ground until he became one of the beneficiaries of Generations without Qat’ organization’s Cash Transfer project.

Ali Qaderi: “The assistance has brought me comfort by having a good sleep without pain

Ali Abdu Qasim Qaderi, 38, sleeps comfortably in a bed after he used to sleep on the floor which caused him back pain.

Ali decided to buy a bed once he had money so that he could sleep comfortably without any pain. He could not afford the purchase of a bed, as he was one of the displaced people who were forced by the war to leave their homes and jobs to the city of Al-Mukha in Taiz governorate.

Ali's aim was met when he was targeted by the Unconditional Cash Transfer project implemented by Generations without Qat for Development and Awareness and funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF).

He managed to buy the bed which was a priority for him to protect him from pain at night.

Ali Qaderi says, “Needs are multiplying for displaced people, and there are many needs for me and my family, and the bed was the most prominent one of these needs. The bed is like a painkiller for my back troubles, because I cannot sleep on bare ground, if I do not sleep somewhere above the ground, I certainly suffer back aches and pains.”

Qaderi continues his speech, “Since the beginning of our displacement until this day – the day of this interview- for over seven months, I couldn’t sleep normally, and I kept looking forward to buy this bed. I did not seek to get it before because my first concern was to provide for my family, and so I had no money to buy it.”

Qaderi continues, “Now, thanks to God first and then to GWQ I got what I needed, and now I sleep in comfort and I no longer feel the pain that accompanied me every night. They have all my thanks and appreciation for what they gave me and we hope they provide us with the rest of our needs as displaced people.


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