Mohamed Haidar, “The project enabled me to buy a motorcycle to work and feed my family.”

Mohamed Haidar, “The project enabled me to buy a motorcycle to work and feed my family.”

He was unemployed. As a result, his psychological condition deteriorated until he was targeted by the Unconditional Cash Transfer project implemented by Generations without Qat.

Mohamed Haidar, “The project enabled me to buy a motorcycle to work and feed my family.”

Mohamed Haidar, 50, gets up early every morning to work on his motorcycle in order to get an income to cover the needs of his family consisting of ten members.

Mr. Haidar is a resident of Maqbanah district and was forced to flee to Al-Mukha, and, as a result, he lost his home and work.

Haidar is one of the beneficiaries of the Unconditional Cash Transfer project carried out by Generations without Qat for Development and Awareness and funded by Yemen Humanitarian Fund (YHF).

The project enabled him to buy a motorcycle, work on it, and collect his daily revenue to cover his daily needs.

Haidar says that the idea of buying a motorcycle to work came to him as he was determined to work better than to sit doing nothing and accepting charities.

Mr. Haidar works from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm. Then, he returned his home after purchasing his family's daily sustenance and saving the rest to repair the motorcycle if it is damaged or to cover any medical treatment of any accidental disease that might affect his family.

Haidar recounts that when he was sitting at home unemployed, his mental condition was deteriorating, which was reflected negatively in his behavior towards his wife and children, and going out to work every day bring back his psychological stability and give him a sense of effort and fatigue. Moreover,  work and movement make him forget his worries and anxiety caused by the war and keep him away from overthinking and fears of the unknown and being overprotective of his children, especially after their displacement from their home.

Haidar aspires to buy a second motorcycle from the money he saves every day and seeks to own more than one motorcycle for rent and gain benefits without further efforts by him.

Haidar thanks GWQ for giving him this assistance, which he described as an opportunity that came down from the sky. It alleviates the suffering of his displacement and his worries about his children whom he could not help before.

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