Generations Without Qat Inaugurates Two Training Courses in Taiz on Governance and Social Accountability

Generations Without Qat Inaugurates Two Training Courses in Taiz on Governance and Social Accountability


Sunday, October 10, 2021, Generations Without Qat Organization for Awareness and Development inaugurated two training courses in the city of Taiz to build the capacities of youth and women initiatives on governance and social accountability within the project “Strengthening community participation, and building the capacities of civil society organizations, women’s groups, women’s and youth initiatives and activating their roles in Society” (the second year of the project) which is implemented by Generations Without Qat Organization in the districts of Al-Qaherah and Mudhaffar in Taiz Governorate.

The two courses, which are directed to youth and women's initiatives, last for four days, and aim to provide participants with knowledge and skills about the concept of inclusive governance and its importance, the challenges facing governance and mechanisms for accessing inclusion, and the concepts (transparency/ accountability/ response/ inclusion/ participation) and women and integrative governance, as well as the ladder of community participation, the concept and tools, the importance of community participation and its success factors in addition to a conceptual approach to community accountability and accountability tools.

While the training course on peaceful activities, which lasts for four days and is attended by 1 youth and women initiative, aims to provide participants, from youth and women initiatives in the districts of Al-Qaherah and Al-Mudhaffar, Taiz, with general concepts about peace, peacekeeping, peacebuilding, the threat of conflict and violence to community peace and the status of peaceful coexistence in Building community peace in addition to successful experiences of women in peacebuilding, initiative and planning campaigns for nonviolent change.

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